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JanellyBean is best known for our fun and colorful books for children. But did you know we also have books for adults to enjoy? Well, now you do!

From an epic fantasy in a distant future, to a humorous take on the afterlife, these books have something for you to enjoy, whatever your taste might be.

Shadow Maker

by M. R. Zamora

In the far future, centuries after a devastating biological war, civilization has been reduced to a Medieval-like existence. In a land called the Greylands, it is a world of kings and warriors, where magic exists and powerful sorcerers vie for power.

A mysterious wandering mercenary known only as the Shadow Maker, a man possessed of a dark and dangerous power, searches the Greylands for a power-hungry sorcerer named Xanatos, who seeks the long-lost artifacts of an ancient warrior-king. With the help of an escaped slave-girl, a gruff but gentle mountain man, his skeptical wife, and a traveling bard and pickpocket, the Shadow Maker hunts down the sorcerer to an island called Darkhaven, the rumored location of a long-lost temple that hides a terrible secret that could spell the end of the world, or the creation of a new one!

PAPERBACK $12.99 / E-BOOK $4.99

Somewhere In-Between

by Janel Sarlls

A woman named Sabrina discovers what happens when you speak ill of the dead. You become entangled by the spirit of the dead! Take a hilarious trip through Purgatory and beyond, as a recently-deceased young woman must navigate the world of the dead, as she finds herself entangled with Sabrina, and attempts to make her a less-miserable person.


Along the way she will also meet Bad Karma, a charming but mischievous spirit who can cause chaos in a single heartbeat. She also meets Fate, the flighty spirit that can determine and change the course of your life in an instant, and the Gate Keeper, the intimidating spirit who guides the dead to their final destination.


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