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Dr. Teresa Reyes is a veterinarian at a private animal sanctuary. One day, while camping in a national forest, Teresa encounters an orphaned wolf cub. While pondering what to do with the cub, a pack of wild wolves enter her camp, but these are not ordinary wolves--they are ancient spirits of the forest who imbue Teresa with extraordinary power, transforming her in LA SALVADORA, a superhero-protector of all animal life. As La Salvadora, she hunts down the person responsible for making the wolf cub an orphan and exacts a punishment against them.


"La Salvadora: Spirit of the Wolf" is the exciting, action-packed introduction to a new kind of superhero: A professional Latina woman with the power of nature at her beck and call.

La Salvadora

  • Full Color / 12 pages

    PDF Format / 50 Mb Download

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